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Indeed care Yoga is an Awesome experience.

We consider Yoga is a scientific tool which help you to experience the true quality of who you are.

By doing Yoga you become liberated.


We consider that meditation means the ultimate freedom within you.

As there is a physical science & technology to create external wellbeing,
there is a whole dimension of inner science to create inner wellbeing.


Zumba is awesome dance fitness program.

You get fit really fast with it and never get bored.

Qualified trainers, socialisation, good music and awesomely friendly stuffs are our USP.

What others say about us

Maroofa Tanweer

I was joined zumba dance class in indeedcare wellness in October 2016, I was 65 kg at that time, after 3 months of joyful journey I reduced 7kg in body weight, I am now 58.5 kg and i am looking slim, just perfect as I always wish. Most important which I have to appreciate that I get mental satisfactions, fun with physical strength, friendly environment with instructors and others in class

Maroofa TanweerMaroofa Tanweer
Dr. Sudipa Saha

I have joined the Zumba class last November … it is really good. I can feel a bit difference in my figure and I m loving it. It is nothing but having sweat with fun.

The trainers are also very friendly and cooperative. So I am enjoying it a lot and want to continue it.

Dr. Sudipa SahaDoctorDr. Sudipa Saha
Sonal Baid

Indeed care is indeed good.

I do my classes from Purnima madam and am more than happy.

Good going.

Sonal BaidMBASonal Baid
Piyush Aarav Goswami

I met one of the representative regarding Zumba it was a awesome exeprience … I learned a lot from Sandip Sir… He is an awesome human being and a perfect Zumba trainer.

Piyush Aarav GoswamiAnchorPiyush Aarav Goswami
Indeedcare Wellness provides best Yoga, Meditation and Zumba fitness in Kolkata
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