Nowadays every women wants beautiful, long and healthy hair, and everyone seems to have hair fall stories, so today we’ll discuss about the 7 most common hair fall problems and their solutions –

  • Dandruff: The most important cause of hair fall is dandruff problem, can be caused by an infection, poor dieting habit or even a sluggish metabolism.

Solution: Use good quality anti-dandruff shampoo, if u have medical issue concerned with your doctor.


  • Dry hair: Using too much shampoo can cause hair fall, try to use shampoo once or twice a week and use natural hair oils.

Solution: Don’t shampooing too often try an overnight moisturizing conditioner and a hot oil treatment to battle dry hair.


  • Spit Ends: over brushing hair, heat and lack of good conditioner cause spit-ends.

Solution: If you have spit-ends go to any professional salon and trim your hair ends.


  • Heat: Too much heat or curling iron damage your hair and the result is hair fall.

Solution: If you use any heat or curling iron before that use any heat protecting solution to hair. And after that when you shampooing your hair try to use any good conditioner.


  • Hair colour: Use hair colour few often can do hair fall, and the hair colour uses many chemicals and these are weak your hair and cause hair fall.

Solution: When you colour your hair try to use professional hair colour and use a dye with special moisturizers, and get a precolour trim.


  • Grey hair: Maximum people prefer to get rid of grey hair because grey hair can be brittle and more unruly than other strands and it cause hair fall.

Solution: To cover grey hair try to use semi or demi-permanent dye. It is less harmful than permanent dye.


  • Oily Hair: When your scalp produces too much of sebum (natural oil) from sebaceous glands, resulting excessive amount of oil.

Solution: Try shampoos which can control Sebum.

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