Recently we have added aerobics as part of our activities for our interested clients.

It is found that people often gaining weight unnecessarily. Obesity is one of the leading causes for this reason for damaging our vital organs like liver, lungs etc.  Various studies have suggested that one needs to take Yoga along with aerobic classes at regular interval to be in shape and sustain heath.

Apart from yoga, aerobics classes involve various types of exercises with a group of people, it is often incorporated with music. It’s led by an aerobics instructor who will start off with a series of stretching and warm-up routines and then focus on the core of the workout.

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Let us take a quick look into some amazing benefits of aerobics as discussed below.

Firstly it reduces stress. Exercise activates our endorphins, causing a natural high and a sense of well-being. 

It also reduces risk of getting heart disease and stroke by reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol. Exercise decreases blood pressure and LDL, or bad cholesterol, while raising your HDL, or good cholesterol.

Aerobics strengthens immune system thus helps to prevent our body strong. Exercise strengthens bones and joints. This is a very important benefit for women as it decrease a theirs chance for getting osteoporosis.

Regular aerobics will increase the number of calories you burn. This increase will accelerate weight loss and encourage weight control.


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