Happy Mother's Day 2016 - from Indeedcare Family

Happy Mother’s Day 2016 – from Indeedcare Family

Moms are the heart of the home. The centre of the community. Moms deserve to be celebrated. Today is the International Mother’s day. It is a celebration of honoring the mother in the family, to strengthen the bonds of our motherhood and the influence of mothers in our society. Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughout the world. But in India along with few other countries this day is celebrated in second Sunday of May.

Mothers are the homemaker who led a noblest and greatest work that a woman can do. Without the help of mother in our childhood days we can not stay as what we are today , so we all must respect and love our mother.

The very unhappy truth is that to cope up and struggle with our regular fast lifestyle we often forget to take care of our mother and they become lonely. This loneliness activity makes them emotionally weak and sad. Therefore their harmony of body and mind gets altered.

In order to bring them back and to overcome this situation we have to come forward together and make sure that we arrange something as per the everyday needs of our mothers. Studies proved that by doing regular activities like yoga and physiotherapy makes a person always healthy and fit.

So we can easily pledge to make her happy by enrolling her name to a yoga or physiotherapy training class on this special day. We are sure this gift makes them more happy and healthy like any other day.

indeedcare wishes all mother’s a very happy mother’s day.  May this day bring happiness to everyone’s life.