Meditation is used to describe practices that self-regulate the body and mind to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. In our culture it is referred to as dhyāna which comes from the Sanskrit root dhyai, meaning to contemplate or meditate. It has many forms, types and methodologies. Let’s discuss a few.



This meditation method using mala beads, mainly mala beads are made out of woods but now days it also makes with precious gemstones. A mala bead chain has 108 beads. It is supposed to count each bead using a mantra and the entire mantra is repeated on each single bead that means the mantra is stated total 108 times. Mala meditation should be done slowly with deep breaths. Once you reach the end of the last bead of the necklace, you’ll find peacefulness and positivity.



Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation. Mindfulness is about observation without criticism; being compassionate with yourself. When unhappiness or stress hover overhead, rather than taking it all personally.

Over time, mindfulness brings about long-term changes in mood and levels of happiness and wellbeing. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness not only prevents depression, but that it also positively affects the brain patterns underlying day-to-day anxiety, stress, depression and irritability so that when they arise, they dissolve away again more easily.

Mindfulness practice does not take a lot of time, although some patience and persistence are required.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor but you can if you want to. Most people sit on chairs to meditate, but you can also practise bringing mindful awareness to whatever you are doing, on buses, trains or while walking to work. You can meditate more or less anywhere.



Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique… This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.

The purpose of this method is to silence the mind and transcend to the source off all present-moment awareness.

A special mantra given to you by a qualified transcendental meditation teacher. The mantra is repeated in your mind and you have to focus on your breathe and the sounds of the mantra. When other thoughts comes into your mind, you let them be but do not engage with them.



Walking meditation is a fast-growing meditation methodto most other techniques. It involves slow, mindful walking in the nature. This technique can be great for beginners. Through this technique you can feel the wind passing across your face and the contact between your feet and the ground.

This method is practiced on nature walks and you can use it whenever you wish and as long as you feel comfortable.


Similar to Transcendental Meditation, Mantra Meditation uses series of words repeated over and over again to quite the mind, Mantras can be repeated depending on your environment and how comfortable you are with chanting out loud. There are many of different mantras all with different meanings. Mantra meditation is practiced while sitting in a meditative pose. You’ll find that if you are concentrate on this process of mantra meditation, all distraction will melt away naturally over time.


There are many types of meditations –

  • Zed Meditations
  • Vipasana Meditation
  • Loving kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Self-enquiry (I Am Meditation)
  • Taoist Meditations
  • Qigong (Chi Kung)
  • Christian Meditation


We’ll discuss all later on…..

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