yoga therapy at studio“Yoga therapy” is referred to yogic concepts and techniques that use yoga postures, meditation, breathing exercises with physiological and psychological knowledge to improve mental and physical health. Yoga therapy is common vital integration of mind, body and spirit to heal the whole person.

The main theme of yoga therapy at Indeedcare Wellness yoga centre at Kolkata is to serving as a replacement therapy for replacing old harmful habits with better new one. These measures include not only body movements as we do on yoga mat, but also how we live or treat others and ourselves off the mat. So it actually helps in gaining a more fulfilling life.

yoga therapy benefitsA trained yoga therapist at Indeedcare Wellness yoga studio understands the body and mind connection through tools of yoga. In case of any kind of physical injuries such as back pain, the individual should be given a personalised routine to practice on a daily basis to address her specific needs. These routines may be modified by the yoga therapist as strength and flexibility are built gradually. It is not just for back pain or shoulder pain, yoga therapy is conjunction with clinical care and psychotherapy.

Yoga therapy is coming to claim its place and gain recognition in the world of complementary medicine. Now there are more than thousands yoga studios perform quality therapeutic yoga all over the world.

Yoga therapy relies on different techniques of yoga to create, stimulate and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. So yoga therapy is very effective in relieving symptoms such as depression and anxiety, different heart conditions etc. These therapeutic measures also helps in many physical health issues like back pain, asthma, and chronic fatigue, hypertension and also in different side effects of chemotherapy. yoga therapy at centre


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